We make the world's most versatile performance headwear. The Elevate Your Apex™ Performance Towel

Our Elevate Your Apex™ Performance Towel is the only product to combine shading, absorption and evaporation methods of Heat Stress relief in a single solution.

Designed for the Grind™

Not only are Polarheads designed in accordance with OSHA and NIOSH guidelines for Heat Stress management, it's also been through countless hours of field testing to keep you cool and comfortable under the most demanding conditions.

Whether Working Out or Working Hard,

Every head deserves a POLARHEAD™

  • Sweat Absorption

    Made from high-quality terrycloth - our performance towels easily absorb sweat, keeping it out of your face, eyes and hands.

  • Sun Protection

    Keep your neck and face shaded from direct sunlight. 

  • Cooling Towel

    For immediate heat stress relief you can wet the ActivShield, squeeze out any excess water and apply to your head for instant cooling.

  • Unmatched Usability

    Versatility, Function and Performamce combine to offer usability you wont find anywhere else.

Elevate Your Apex