Heat Stress Management

Recommended methods of reducing Heat Stress

  • Absorbative Cooling: Sweat production is the bodys primary method of cooling. Under intense heat and/or humidity, more sweat may be produced than the body can evaporate naturally. Polarheads absorb excess sweat and aid in maintaining the body's natural thermoregulation. 
  • Evaporative Cooling: Evaporative cooling is achieved as the body’s heat energy comes in contact with wetted fabric and facilitates evaporation. This in turn produces a cooling effect to your skin, lowering your temperature. According to OSHA, wetted terrycloth clothing is regarded as one of the most effective means of Auxiliary Body Cooling.
  • Decreased Sun Exposure: - Exposure to direct sunlight can increase Heat Index values by up to 15°F. Prolonged exposure carries with it a number of health concerns, from severe sunburn and heat rash to skin cancer. Polarheads help protect against these dangers by shading the most vulnerable points of the body, the face and neck from direct sunlight. 

Benefits Of Reducing Heat Stress

  • Decreased Fatigue: Environmental heat stress can challenge the limits of human cardiovascular and temperature regulation, body fluid balance and thus aerobic performance. By aiding in Heat Stress avoidance, Polarheads keep workers operating at optimal levels. 
  • Increased Comfort: Discomfort from sweat decreases productivity. According to the NIOSH, performance decrements can occur once sweat production covers as little as 20% of the body. Polarheads soak up sweat so workers can focus on the task at hand. 
    • Increased Hard Hat Compliance: Polarheads can help lower the occurrence of routine hard hat non-compliance due to everyday discomfort. By covering the entire head with high-quality terrycloth, Polarheads distribute the weight and pressure of hard hats evenly across the head. The result is a reduction in both chafing and compression headaches, all while absorbing sweat before is has a chance to get into the users eyes.